Buy 52 (Fifty two) Year Old Whisky online

52 year old whisky

Looking for the ideal gift for someone's 52st birthday? Clearly the perfect present for the whisky enthusiast who is turning Fifty two is a bottle of 52 year old whisky. Or maybe you just want to treat yourself!

The age statement on a whisky label tells you the age of the youngest whisky in the bottle. What does this mean? Put simply, a bottle of whisky may contain whiskies matured in a number of different casks for different periods of time. If the label says that the whisky is 52 Years Old (or Fifty two Years Old) then, although it may contain older whiskies, you can be certain that none of components are any younger than 52 years.

Once a whisky is bottled it ceases its maturation, unlike wine which continues to age in the bottle, so Fifty two year old whisky is frozen in time and will be considered 52 forever.